Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Messenger with Giant Powerful Wings

 “In mythos and fairy tales, deities and other great spirits test the hearts of humans by showing up in various forms that disguise their divinity. They show up in robes, rags, silver sashes, or with muddy feet. They show up with skin dark as old wood, or in scales made of rose petal, as a frail child, as a lime-yellow old woman, as a man who cannot speak, or as an animal who can. The great powers are testing to see if humans have yet learned to recognize the greatness of soul in all its varying forms.” 
― Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype


  1. beautiful photo! here's a favourite passage from 'Elegant Spirits' by Gary Zukav in his book 'Soul Stories'
    "The journey of a hawk depends on both the hawk and the wind. Sometimes the wind takes the hawk where it wants to go, and sometimes it doesn’t.
    When it doesn’t, the hawk doesn’t mind. Either way, hawks are masters at flying, always in control of their wing feathers and tail feathers.
    Elegant spirits do this too. Their wing feathers and tail feathers are what they think, say, and do. They always think, say, and do things to create harmony, co-operation, sharing, and reverence for Life. No matter what comes up, that is what they do.
    They are in control of what they think, say and do, even though they are not in control of what comes up in their lives.
    Sometimes unpleasant things come up. Other times happy things come up. Either way, they ride the wind. They do the best they can, and then they let the wind take them where they need to go.
    The wind is your life. It is all the things that happen between the time you are born and the time that you go home. Elegant spirits don’t know what will come up next, the same way that hawks don’t know which way the wind will blow next.
    This doesn’t bother them, because they don’t try to control their lives any more than hawks try to control the wind.

    1. I LOVE that MO, but then you knew I would didn't you ;-) Thanks for sharing it here, I think it goes so well with these photos.