Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August Art Daily & Creating for Healing

Lorie Hancock McCown is hosting the August Art Daily on Facebook 
I am a little behind but here are a couple of journal pages I did over the last couple of days. 

"Healing Prayer" is painted on top of a page torn out of an old handwritten recipe book

 Detail of Healing Prayer

Moonlit Flight

I am going to try to continue to do at least one page a day for the August Daily Art Challenge but it is difficult to get in the studio since I have had this MSIDS (Chronic Lyme/Autoimmune) relapse. For a while I felt like I was in a blissful state of remission so this relapse has taken a real toll on me emotionally. I really believed this was all behind me and that I was headed into full healing. Will this nightmare ever really be over for good?  It is impossible for those that are not living with this disease to know how horrifying it can be every moment of every day. I am sure that to some we seem weak and are viewed as whiners or complainers but all I want is to wake up one day without pain, without the incomprehensible fatigue, disorientating confusion & brain fog. 

I miss my career as an artist so very much and I miss spending every day in the studio creating beautiful things for people to buy. I absolutely cherish the few good days I have but the "Unknowing" certainly makes the relapses harder. I guess that's why they call it faith. Living with this disease is the hardest thing I have ever done.

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