Friday, November 1, 2013

Sharing the Love with Random Acts of Art

I have been making little bits of art and placing them in various places around town for people to find and keep. Here are some photos of two of my recent Random acts of Art.  The first one was a little stitched piece I made with a little stick stitched onto it.  I left this one at Sojourns Health Clinic in Westminster, Vt.

The second one was crated from items that I normally would have tossed in the trash. Instead I repurposed them into a Random Act of Art. The image is from a Giclee print of one of my silk paintings. I damaged the print when I signed it so I just cut out the undamaged center. I took the center cut out piece from a mat I had cut and mounted the section of the print to the beveled mat board.  I wrapped it up and left it in the tomato section of Allen Brother's a local farm stand in Westminster.

Keep your eyes peeled for you never know when or where a Random Act of Art might appear :-)


  1. such an incredibly neat idea. I am going to share your FB post and maybe use the idea myself. Thank you!!!