Tuesday, August 2, 2011


When a person asks me why I choose to be so open and transparent I'm honestly perplexed. What benefit would come from being the opposite? We're all on the same journey from birth to death and we can only learn from others if they share their true selves with the world. My teachers have always been the ones that displayed their wounds and flaws as if they were brightly colored prayer flags stirred by the breeze of our collective breath. 

I'm not as interested in your ascent and the comfortable place your sucess has brought you to. I'm more interested in what you brought with you from the depths of your lowest point. What did grace bestow upon you in your pit of despair? Are you willing to open an old wound, allowing the flame that still burns within it to become a beacon for others so that they may not stumble in the dark?

Show me who you really are and you will have taken the first step in healing the world.

~L. Marcille

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