Thursday, March 31, 2011

And the Healing Has Begun, Crown Chakra Bursts Open

I have been really faithful in chanting my new mantra for manifesting healing. The mantra that feels the most right to me is one that came to me while Don and I were in the hot tub and it is , "Lord embrace me. Lord Heal me. Lord I am healed!" I chant this when I wake up in the morning, throughout the day and also at night when I go to bed. Before I go to sleep I visualize myself surrounded and filled with white light and the healing energies from John of God dissolving my illness and making me whole and well..

This healing journey I am on is a full time job I spend all day juggling the timing of the many medications I am on, preparing green drinks and healing foods, meditating, and reading about healing modalities and the neuro plasticity of the brain. I am filling my mind with healing affirmations and pulling all of my energies into manifesting wellness.

Last week I slipped a disk in my neck and had tremendous pain in my neck, shoulder and a headache to beat all headaches. The healer I am working with said she felt that my crown chakra had burst open and that the healing Spirits from John of God had stirred things up and that was what was causing the pain. She said there was a dramatic difference in my aura.  Honestly when she said that I was in so much pain that it did not penetrate but yesterday and today something has most certainly shifted.

I went for a walk alone yesterday which is a huge accomplishment and today I actually did some sorting of items for our spring tag sale. I was on my feet for a couple of hours, bending and standing as I sorted jewelry, CD's and other small items. I felt an incredible sense of lightens as if I had lost a lot of weight and a joy I have not felt in years bubbled up from deep within me to the surface with a laugh that took my breath away. It was a stunning feeling and very arousing. Below is a painting I did that represents how I visualize my body at night when I invite the healing energies from John of God to enter me and do their work. Something amazing is happening. Healing on a much deeper level that I ever expected. I feel very excited about where this will take me!

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